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  1. Oh What a Beautiful Morning (a) mp3
  2. Love Walked In (a)
  3. Sing Before Breakfast (a)
  4. Cairo (b)
  5. They All Laughed (c)
  6. Who Are We To Say (a)
  7. Dick Powell Movie Medley (d)
    1. Dames
    2. Fancy Meeting You
    3. Pop Goes Your Heart
    4. Shipmates Forever
    5. Beauty Must Be Loved
    6. Happiness Ahead
  8. Our Love is Hear to Stay (d)
  9. Exactly Like You (e)
  10. Vilia (f)
  11. Only a Rose (a)
  12. A Bird in a Gilded Cage (g)
  13. One Kiss (h)


John McCall's Allen MDS317-EX, Moultrie, GA, July 15, 2000
(b) Austin pipe organ, St. John's Cathedral, Jacksonville, FL, 1989
(c) Bob McKoon's Allen MDS317, Newnan, GA, Nov. 22, 1998
(d) John McCall's Allen MDS317-EX, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, Dec. 1, 1998
(e) The Renwick's Allen GW319-EX, Jacksonville, FL, Oct. 21, 2006
(f) Moller pipe organ, Riverside Presbyterian Chruch, Jacksonville, FL, 1991
(g) Renwick's Allen GW319-EX, Jacksonville, FL, March 16, 2002
(h) The Renwick's Allen GSW319-EX, Jacksonville, FL, Oct. 6, 2001


Updated 02/16/2012