Night Must Fall

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"Night Must Fall . . . Theatre Organ After Hours"

Mark Renwick Plays
The Allen MDS-317 EX

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Compact disc available from Allen Organ Company.

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This album seeks to pay homage to the "concept LPs" that appeared in profusion during the rather exciting years of the fifties and sixties. For many of us, these early recordings developed our love for theatre organ—especially in locales where organs were but a memory or in rural areas where they never existed. And oftentimes, the cover art became an integral part of the listening experience—and certainly endeared the album’s "concept" to the listener.

The music Renwick has selected is not of one musical era, but each piece fits in the genre of quiet time for theatre organ. The selections showcase the organ’s tonal resources in a somewhat different way than musical programs based on the majestic "rise from the pit" method of album composition.

So put on your smoking jacket, pour a martini, and have Charles hold your calls. Take an engrossing trip into the magic of late night music—THEATRE ORGAN AFTER HOURS.  --John Clark McCall, Jr.

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  1. Evening Invitation (Composer unknown, circa 1956)
  2. Sanctuary (George Wright, circa 1956)
  3. Stranger On The Shore (Acker Bilk, 1961)
  4. Nostalgia (David Rose, circa 1955)
  5. Night Walk (Mark Renwick, 1997)
  6. Fanny (Harold Rome, 1954)
  7. Lonely Hour (Jesse Crawford, 1955)
  8. In My Room (Brian Wilson and Gary Usher, 1964)
  9. Lazy Afternoon (Jerome Moross, 1954)
  10. Julie (Dimitri Tiomkin and Charles Wolcott, 1953)
  11. Melancholy Serenade (Jackie Gleason, 1953)
  12. Taboo (Margarita Lecuona, 1934)
  13. Beyond The Moon (Ferrante and Teicher, circa 1960)
  14. Cairo (Arthur Schwartz, 1942)
  15. Gymnopedie #1 (Erik Satie, 1887)
  16. Opus 1349 (Mark Renwick, 1979) Dedicated to the members, past and present, of the Eastern Massachusetts Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society, the loving caretakers of the former Loew’s State Theatre Mighty Wurlitzer, Opus 1349.
  17. Night Must Fall (Over All ) (Xavier Cugat, 1939)


All musical arrangements by Mark Renwick, except Sanctuary.
Original watercolor cover art by John Clark McCall, Jr.

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Updated March 15, 2006.